Talks and articles:

Design Sprints meets Liberating Structures – Retrospektive zur Masterclass im Rahmen der Solutions.Hamburg 2019

As part of Solutions.Hamburg 2019, Holisticon AG and Centa GmbH held a 4 hour workshop on the topic of „Design Sprints meets Liberating Structures“.


Schneller vom Problem zum Prototypen mit Design Sprints – Sind MVPS tot? 

Talk given at the SeaCon 2019 in Hamburg, Germany.

Creating Quality Metrics

In this article I address the question of how to measure developer workforce productivity in general and development effectiveness specifically. As most seasoned managers will already have learned, development measurements are best assessed against groups of engineers aligned to an outcome: a service or a product delivers a tangible result or value, rather than against any individual activity: how hard a developer works.


Release Orchestration


This document is the companion article to the presentation made on 16 November 2018 at Agile Testing Days, Potsdam. I discuss the relationship between disruptive technologies, quality and release orchestration.

Quality Transformation

Talk given at the Agile Testing Days 2018 in Potsdam, Germany.

Peter Caron at Agile Testing Days

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