Improvement Tracks

  1. Code Health and Development
    – Development practices and CI enhancements
    – Technical Debt analysis and Prioritisation
    – Continuous Improvement to Quality
  2. Processes and Workflow
    – Value Stream Mappings
    – Transformation Planning
    – BSIMM8 Security Analysis
  3. Organisation to Secure DevOps
    – DASA DevOps Assessment and DevOps / SRE
    – Industry comparison
    – Transformation Planning
    – Next generation QA transformation training
  4. Operations Speed and Excellence
    – Metrics assessment, alignment, and feedback loop
    – Release Orchestration (CI/CD pipelines)
    – Test Concepts, Automation and Integration

The four tracks each offer a different angle by which to visualise particular areas of your software development practices. Each has a unique area of focus which, depending on which competency area you or your board perceive as the most pressing, provides valuable insight to help you make accurate predictions and meaningful improvements. For example, if your interest is to understand cost and quality: reducing the former and improving the latter, then the Code Health Check track is recommended. Likewise, if the speed of delivery is an impediment then the Operations Speed and Excellence track is recommended.