Who can benefit in the organisation from an analysis of existing practices and processes? There are several scenarios where assessments and reporting will help identify areas in need of attention. Here are some examples:

I want to …
• improve the cooperation between the product, development and operations teams
• launch a DevOps or Digital Transformation
• improve Software Quality and Deployment Frequency
• Implement real-time, meaningful, and actionable metrics for software development and delivery
• create or improve Infrastructure Automation and Testing Pipelines
• improve Continuous Delivery or Release Orchestration processes
• start on or prioritise refactoring
• determine where development, speed and quality issues exist
• identify operational waste and non-value added work

Example Deliverables for each track

Code Health and Quality

• Technical Debt and code health report
• Refactoring priorities
• Refactoring Plan(s)

Process Value Stream

• Value Stream Mappings
• VSM future state plans
• VSM and Risk assessment Workshop
• BSIMM8 Security Analysis

DevOps Transformation

• Transformation Plan
• Industry comparison
• Team assessments
• DevOps maturity analysis

Operations Excellence

• Tool Recommendations
• Process Improvements
• Organisation proposal