We turn your IT from a cost factor into a business engine

Companies are under competitive pressure and intend to change. The speed of innovation and customer orientation are becoming an important success factor for their future. On the one hand it requires new thinking and acting in the development of new products. On the other hand, the importance of IT will increase massively. As a consequence, IT will change from a cost factor to a business engine.

First concepts of bimodal IT do not bring the turnaround, outsourcing to start-up subsidiaries is usually the first good approach, but does not bring the necessary change in the core business. Investments in external start-ups usually do not necessarily bring value to the core business.

Companies need much more flexible IT with a high speed of implementation. In addition, they also need new methods on the business side to understand customer and market requirements more quickly and translate them into IT requirements more quickly. Ultimately, it also means a change in culture and cooperation within companies.

Our concept: Holistic change with transformation of the existing IT, supported by coaching (agile methods, software crafting and technology know-how transfer) for your company. Supplemented by New Business Consulting (Digital Strategy, Proof of Concept Sprints and MVP Dev Teams).

Our concept accompanies you in the area of digital transformation and in the implementation of digital innovations.