DevOps and Agile are about delivering business value faster and more reliably. The key driver for improving software pipelines, first and foremost, should be adding business value. Too often, however, the temptation is to focus first on tools and process second. The order should be reversed. First we decide what business requirements are most important, determine the processes that are best suited for the company to achieve those requirements and only then choose (or develop in house) tools that fit those requirements.

But, how can we align business needs with development decisions? This is challenging and it is often difficult to decide where to begin. A CTO, VP Enginineering or development lead will ask herself some fundamental questions:

“Do I want to improve my speed to market or do I want to create a DevOps organisation?”

“Can I do both at the same time?”

“Are my development costs too high or are my processes slowing me down?”

“How can I optimise my current setup without disrupting ongoing projects?”

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