Continuous Integration and Delivery is at the heart of the DevOps and Agile movements. CI/CD is software development discipline: releasing products in increments, where software can be released to production at any time. It is important to stress that the verb “can be” is not “should be” or even “is”. It is one of a number of possibilities provided by Continuous Delivery. Releases (which may be deployments to production or deployments to production-like environments, follow a “Low-Risk Release” principle, which means releasing should happen frequently (every commit) and with small change-sets. Continuous Delivery is a means by which a group or individual can make frequent product releases (deployments to production) but has the option to choose not to whether for business reasons or product constraints preferring a slower rate of release. Continuous Deployment takes continuous delivery to its logical conclusion and automatically deploys every change to production. That last step, however, is a business not technical decision and may not be appropriate for all products or services.

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